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Product Information

Can you run the white noise with no light and vice versa?

Yes. The different functions run independently of each other so you can use Nodiee however it works best for you! Whether you want to use just the white noise, just the night light or run them both together, the choice is yours.

Nodiee also has memory so when you turn it on each time it will automatically revert to the settings that were last used. Clever isn’t it?!

Do I need to use the timer or can I run Nodiee continuously?

The beauty of Nodiee is just how versatile it is. You can leave Nodiee running continuously or use the timer to switch it off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. If Nodiee is plugged into the power it will run continuously. If you are running Nodiee on battery power, it has an 8 hour play time.

Does Nodiee have a red light option?

Yes. We know that many parents want a red night light option as they understand the benefits of red light for sleep. Nodiee has multiple light options, including red light, plus colorful rainbow settings so there is something for everyone.

Is the shushing sound included?

Yes. We know how effective and popular this sounds is. We made sure to add this into our new and improved machine.

Is Nodiee easy to use?

Absolutely! Nodiee is designed with ease in mind. The controls are easy to use with one-touch and hand activation for some functionality. The next generation Nodiee also has a simple smartphone app which allows for Google Home and Alexa integration.

Is the smartphone app available for both iPhone and Android?

Yes, the smartphone app is available from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Can you control 2 Nodiee's from 1 smartphone?

Yes, you can pair and control up to 5 devices from the same smartphone. How convenient is that!

What are the dimensions of Nodiee?

Nodiee measures 11 x 11 x 15cm and weighs 320g. It’s designed to be lightweight and portable so it doesn’t take up much room.

Is Nodiee really loud?

The Nodiee speaker is really high quality. It can fill the room if you need to drown out the noise of a rowdy toddler! The decibel range is 40-110 so you can also run it at low volumes. Likewise, the night light is also dimmable so it can be anything from a soft glow to a bright lamp.

What if I just want a white noise machine?

Nodiee would love to help. Nodiee will work for you and your family however you need it to. If you want to use the white noise machine functionality only, then you can absolutely do that.

The benefit of Nodiee is that as your baby grows you can tap into the other functionality and use it as you need. A night light can be so helpful for a toddler who is scared of the dark and many parents love how handy Nodiee is for feeds in the middle of the night.

General Information

How do you pronounce Nodiee?

Nod, as in nod your head, and iee, which rhymes with tree. Nodiee isn’t precious, however you pronounce it, Nodiee will still get the job done.

Are white noise machines all they’re cut out to be?

If you ask any of the customers who’ve used Nodiee, they’ll give you a resounding YES! White noise has so many benefits. Among other things, white noise can help you to control your sleep environment and create a calm sleep routine. 

Is Nodiee just a white noise machine for babies or can adults use it too?

The beauty of Nodiee is that anyone can use it, no matter how young or old you are. Many parents will also use Nodiee in their own rooms to help them sleep. Nodiee is completely versatile, adapting to how you need to use it and the stage of life you’re at.

Are you an Australian brand?

Yes. We are proudly Australia owned and operated.